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The M-16's hail from Perth, Western Australia, a city, which over the years, has fostered a unique musical environment which has given birth to the careers of such artists as Bon Scott (Valentines, AC/DC), Kim Salmon (The Scientists), Dave Falkner (The Victims, Hoodoo Gurus), David McComb (The Triffids), Dom Mariani (The Stems, Someloves, DM3) and Ian Underwood (The Kryptonics, Challenger 7). And while The M-16's aren't your average Perth band, one thing they do share is the cavalier and uncompromising outlook and disregard of prevailing trends. 

The M-16's are lead by the irrepressible Ken 'The Killer' Watt, a man who looks like Brian Jones, sings like Scott Morgan and plays guitar like no tomorrow. This guy was born to be on the stage. He is joined on bass by long time friend and confidant, Brad Miller, a man born with a rock 'n' heart and iron will. Rounding out the band is drummer Brad Clearly, allround mister nice guy. 

Ken?s first introduction to the rock and roll lifestyle was with independent Perth band Valvolux, who subsequently broke up in '96 when his fellow band members refused to follow his lead and play Black To Comm. He then found himself in Sydney as a 22 year old playing guitar in Asteroid B-612 (right) who at the time were the loudest, biggest and most volatile rock band in the country. While the band imploded shortly thereafter, the experience still drives Ken's musical vision to this day; that is HIGH ENERGY UNCOMPROMISING ROCK AND ROLL. 

In '97 Ken found himself back in Perth, where he went about recruiting fellow rock and roll soldiers into their guitar army. By the end of the year he had hooked up with Dave ?Spiffy? Hopkins (formerly of The Hellmenn and MC5 tribute band The SC5) and together they went about delivering a twin guitar onslaught on the unsuspecting citizens of Perth under the Rocket Reducer moniker. Unfortunately, the lineup didn't last as Spiffy left Perth to live in the country. 

Undeterred, Ken carried on bringing close friend Brad 'Blaze' Miller, ex-Josephine Killen guitarist Vinnie Radice and ex-Prickle drummer Brad Cleary into the fold. Changing their name to Atom Smasher (left), the band only ever played 2 gigs but those lucky enough to be present, still speak in awe. They also gained notoriety for being banned from playing the Grosvenor Hotel (at the time the principle live venue in town) for playing too LOUD. 

That brings us to the present, NOW! Stripped down to a three piece, they already have four original recordings under their belt. With the addition of drummer Adam Scullio (Fourstroke) to the band, they have been creating quite a name for themselves on the Perth music scene due to their high energy live shows. With the imminent release of their debut single, Sweet Luck, one can only guess what the future will bring but I can say that it is an exciting time to be making music. Hopefully it will include the sound of The M-16's blaring out from your turntable.

Neal 'Noodles' McCabe
Minister For Ammunition
May, 2002