Record debut for this band of Perth, commanded from the former Asteroid B-612 Ken Watt; the last one, in chronological order, of that series of large bands that, to leave from the Birdman Radios, they have in the Detroit of aim sixties their greater point of reference. Dynamic and powerful Rock' n' roll that leaves without breath; two incendiari brani that leave to foresee to a album, previewed for the beginning of the 2004, monstrous one. If tried the absolute definition of High Energy Rock' n' Roll, you put on the plate this piece of vinyl and you will have it. (translated via google)

Gabriele - Where The Action Is (Italy)

When this record entered my mailbox I could see that it is from Australia - ripping open the package I'll see that it's from a band called The M-16's. Throwing the plastic piece on my turntable and I get a nice hard on in a few seconds. This band is really great, they play tight and furious with exploding guitars, good bass lines and the singer has a great voice - they come at me like a bullet from a gun in the nice tradition of the Detroit sound. There is two songs on this good single and both of the songs are really great. If you like Detroit inspired rock'n'roll should check this band out, soon there will be more records on the way too. Supergreat!

- The Dicktator, No Rule Zine (Sweden)

Debut 45 from the Perth three-piece headed by ex-Asteroid B612 guitarist Ken "Killer" Watt and it's a killer chunk of oh-so-heavy black vinyl. Think the Hellacopters in Sonics Rendezvous Band mode only, with balls the size of tractor tyres. This should be marked as a double A-side single, with both tracks strong and chockful of blazing guitar. Watt lacks no wattage in the vocals or guitar departments and is ably backed by the engine room of Brad Miller (bass) and Brad Cleary (drums). Plenty of attention to the bottom end in Dave Brody's production. Bring on the full-length album! File with the Yes Men under "No Bullshit Rawk". Single of the Month! 4/5

- The Barman, I-94 Bar (Sydney, Australia)

Gee, there must be something explosive they mix in the water downunder. I mean It`s just amazing how many great rock`n`roll acts come out of Australia these days. Most recent example: Perth`s hard rockin`three piece the M-16`s. With this, the band headed by ex-Asteroid B612 guitar player Ken "Killer" Watt delievers one hell of a debut 45. The M-16`s play high energy rock`n`roll in best Detroit / Sonic`s Rendezvous Band tradition while at the same time they got that special aussie thang goin that I like so much. If you heard any records by the Yes Men, Asteroid B612 or the Powder Monkeys you know what I mean. Both tracks on this single come bursting out of your stereo with hot blazing guitars backed by a solid engine room and topped with strong vocals. If you like your rock loud, honest and with more energy than can be stored in a whole Red Bull factory, you should definitely check out the M-16`s.

- Daniel Jorg, CR- Entertainment (Switzerland)

Here's a nifty pairing of hard hitting Detroit rock sides with a bit of a pop edge to them out of this new Perth group. It s nothing new, but both tracks are fueled with powerhouse guitar riffs and rippling with energy, and there's none of the dumb posturing that sometimes drags bands like this down. The singer makes this band remind me of old Perth favorites the Kryptonics. Time for a full length.

- Steve Gardner, Noise For Heroes / The Big Takeover (USA)

Requisite denim 'n' Marshall stack, high energy burn used to swell effect. Plenty of guitar howl for those so inclined keeps this slab in the running, not to mention that the drummer sounds like he's hitting the skins with a ball peen hammer. While the topside of this strong-on-the homage 45 kicks a fair amount of backside we already have Radio Birdman. Not that this quartet isn't able to rip some shreds, they just need to do it with a dash more originality.

- Jeff Monk, Mohair Sweets (Canada)

Most excellent joy arrives from Perth (Australia) with 7"debut to us from this exquisite quinteto from High Energy formed by ex- extinguished members from the Asteroid B-612. Explosive guitars, demolisher base rythmical, overflowing attitude and the lesson given by Scott perfectly learned Morgan or MC5. They have everything first of all and good incredible songs as they are it "the LosinīTime" & "Sweet Luck". That they do not tell milongas you, the M-16 īs is great and will give much that to speak and if not to the time. Very recommendable. (translated via google)

- Pepe I Wanna, Sonic Wave Magazine (Spain)

This is the first single from the M16s and it's pretty rad. Kickin' out the jams Detroit style, these guys aren't doing anything new here, but they do what they do well, and have nailed what I think is close to the perfect rock'n'roll sound. Despite the fact that I've only seen the band live twice, I totally agree with their reputation as the loudest band in Perth, and I was looking forward to getting this so I could listen to them without bustin' an eardrum. I was suitably impressed, especially with "Losin' Time". If you're a fan of good rock'n'roll go buy this now!

- Ben Strumpet, Repugnant Creatures (Perth, Australia)

The one major thing that sucks about this record is that there's only two songs! Two measly songs. Why is that annoying, you ask? Cos this band fuckin ' ROCK! They're like Jeff Dahl fronting Asteroid B-612 which is a winning combination in anyone's books. "Sweet Luck" being my pick of the two but I hope to god there's more on the way. You hear me M-16's? I want more! Gimme Gimme Gimme!

- Damo, Long Gone Loser (Adelaide, Australia)

More high energy r'n'r, this time from Australia. This kind of bands just seem to be popping up from everywhere these days. Well, I'm glad about that 'cos I love this shit. What can I say, if you dig MC5, Hellacopters + the rest you will like this. What makes this band a bit more special is really great vocal.

- Vanya, No-Brains Zine (Netherlands)

The "Losin' Time" single is the debut record from the M-Sixteens on Beelzebub Club Records. The M-Sixteens are a three piece rock n' roll band outta Perth, Australia. Right off the bat, I love the name. I remember blowin' up shit with M-16's when I was a kid. Second, the packaging is great and the vinyl is heav-y. Finally, and most importantly, the M-Sixteens rock. Think, the Hellacopters, MC-5 thing going on. Side A has "Losin' Time." This song blazes with a great lead a throughout the song. There's even a little bass solo in there I think. It's a cool rave-up. Side B contains "Sweet Luck." What can I say, close your eyes and you'd swear it was 1970, Detroit and you were kickin' out the jams. This is the cool record you wish the Hellacopters still made. 3/5

- Cyclops Mark, Cyclops Zine (USA)