No Tomorrow is proud to introduce the debut album by one of the best bands to emerge from the always top-notch australian scene. Though not new to the game of rockíníroll (their leader Ken Watt has been in bands for the last ten years, the most notable of them Asteroid B-612, where he replaced Stweart Leadfinger Cunnihgham, not easy shoes to fill) the M-16ís are a relatively new band with just one single released on their country and one song, from the same single, on the famous Antipodean Screams compilation on Off the Hip Records.

When Ken left the Asteroid b-612 (who went on with another line-up and a light but definitive change of style, as appreciated on their majestic Reading Between the lines album) he decided heíd pursue his own vision, and thank God he did, as the rockíníroll world needs more bands like The M-16ís as much as the rest of the world needs love, if not more.

The M-16ís (from Perth, that isolated city that gave us the Hoodoo Gurus, The Scientists, The Stems....) play High Energy rock in the best Sydney-Detroit tradition, and they play it in a way that is elegant, arrogant, honest, intense and heartfelt. They donít deny, donít want to deny where theyíre coming from, but they stand on a place of their own. Youíll track easily their influences and their tastes, but once those Crestwood guitars start lashing out those killer riffs I tell you, that will be of the minor importance. As with the Hellacopters, a band they have been compared to a lot, although their sound is not that similar, their sound represents at the same time the respect and comprehension of the genre and their own vision.

The CD version of this album is released via Reverberation Records of Australia.

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